Lehigh College professor explains how promotions tied to particular days like PI Day have an effect on folks's purchases

BETHLEHEM, Pa. – Pi Day is the day we honor the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, 3.14. Therefore, we rejoice on the date 3-14.

“It took place in 1988, so there was a physicist who stated what, let’s rejoice this actually cool mathematical fixed pi,” stated Danny Zane, a professor at Lehigh College.

Zane has performed research on today, however Zane is not a physicist. He is in advertising, and he says when you purchased one thing on Pi Day perhaps you bought a 31.4 % low cost or acquired an precise pie that was on sale or a pizza pie.

“I did see some native pizza locations utilizing Pi Day promotions,” Zane stated.

You are not alone. Zane has performed quite a few research on shopper buying on sure themed days like Pi Day to see if folks had been extra more likely to make a purchase order.

“So for one examine for instance, we gave folks a 30 % off for picnic day, we gave different shoppers that very same 30 % promotion however not labeled for nationwide picnic day, like a one-day sale,” Zane stated. 

Persistently Zane discovered folks had been extra more likely to make a purchase order on a themed day versus a typical one-day sale.

“So long as entrepreneurs could make one thing that is each presumably authentic after which perceived as applicable to their enterprise context or product class we do see shoppers reply fairly favorably,” Zane stated.

Zane says there is a catch – if that themed day turns into too fashionable and never as novel, like he says Pi Day is turning into, it’s going to finally lose its luster with shoppers.

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